About Us

Surveying is the neatness and accuracy of the constructions.... It keeps the things on its position exactly. Beside the construction it have major role in feasible study and planning. Sure... the technology tremendously grown last 20 years. Field of survey also grown much with satellite communication, infrared waves and other carrier waves. Survey is an art, which measure the world preciously. Now a days the survey absolutely machine oriented... the measuring tapes and chains are on the way to back yard...While it built up with technology the cost of survey become high but while compare the required time and accuracy the cost become low than the previous stages.

We started the firm in 1999 and gone through many projects. Now a days we have our own role in the industry of Middle East especially in Dubai and Abudhabi. More over we are conducting the survey jobs in Qatar and India. We can touch almost whole activity of surveys. Topography, Hydrography, Aerial Survey, Road-Bridge-Building Construction Survey, Gate level Computation, Demarcation, Stock pile quantity, control points, setting-out like all phase of survey we are doing with maximum accuracy with the help of sophisticated technologies.

We are working with almost major construction and consulting companies in Dubai. Our many surveyors working with them by manpower basis. We are equipped with technologies from LEICA, TRMBLE, TOPCON, NIKON etc.... Our goal to give hand to get fair and accurate job in the field. Not only the site we are families with CAD and preparation of drawing.